Chapter I
The dream

Chapter I

The dream

Everything started with a dream. The dream of traveling. A house on the beach. Sun and sea. Just do nothing and enjoy life. Pura Vida. Who does not have this dream?

We told about the wonderful destinations that we have already seen. Dreaming of all the beautiful places and countries in the world that we would like to see.

Our dream grew fast and our ideas became more and more concrete. So also the first questions:

  • What about the work? We do not need, chillin’.
  • What do we do with the apartments? We move out.
  • What happens to the cars? Let's sell them.
  • Where to go with all our items? Dispose, sell or store somewhere.
  • Our family and friends? May we visit, or perhaps we will come to visit sometime.
  • How do we finance this? Lotto, rubbellose, horse racing and street music.
  • And where should it go first? Tarifa, Spain.

...of course, the answers were not as easy afterwards.

The preparation

After a few catastrophic weeks filled with preparations, administrative paperwork, 100 e-mails to administrations, health insurance, military and insurance, disposal and sorting, We have been rewarded with a three-day farewell party with our dear friends.
Next we went with Packen, cleaning the apartment of Andres, moving to Eggenwil, Endless messing out of clothes (no more comments) ... and again dispose, pack, clean and the apartment of Jessica. Puh. Not so easy to let go of your personal belongings.

In the meantime, we had to pack everything into our Toyota Yaris aka Terminator and always unwrap it again, to dispose of surplus items again and again or to bring to Andre's parents. There were a few crates more than planned in the parent's cellar, ups (and thank you!).

The ride

On February 28, It also had (almost) everything in the car fit - only the vacuum cleaner from Jessica had to stay at home unfortunately.
It was planned a comfortable trip of 4 to 5 days. But which way should we go to Tarifa? Where do we stay after the first stage? These questions came just before the start. Better late than never.
The tolls and the bad weather in France have motivated us to a longer drive. From Lyon it went down to the coast to Montpellier to Spain. As the weather was as nice and sunny. After 9 hours trip with 3 short breaks we arrived on the first day in Lloret de Mar.

The depletion of the ride became apparent after the feet standing on the beach. Andres was still a bit sick. We immediately made the search for a nice hotel ... or better an open hotel in the off season. What was not as simple as it turned out. Finally we found one: Hotel Don Juan ☆☆☆

Unexpectedly it was an expensive hotel with paid Wifi and parking, cold room, disturbing neighbors and finally inclusive inedible breakfast with artificially dyed meat, old bread, disgusting coffee and plastic jam. Let's get out of here quickly...

Check-out made, suitcase packed and go. This time with Jessica behind the wheel and Andres with fever as co-pilot. From Barcelona, ​​along the coast, to Valencia, then to the Landesinnere towards Madrid. At a resting place, we quickly broke the 180,000 km limit.

After 6 hours driving with a GPS failure, we decided to take the exit to Villarrobledo. Again the search for an open hotel was not so easy.
But we did it: Hotel Castillo ☆☆☆

This is a very small but fine, inexpensive hotel with a garage , Wifi and breakfast included. Expectless of our past experience, we opened the door. We expected a cozy room with a very comfortable and big bed, a heating and a luxurious toilet. There were no disturbing neighbors and also the dessert, a beef fillet with potatoes and mixed salad, was very fine.

The last leg of the tour took us to Tarifa. In a comfortable way, strong gusts of wind almost tore us off the motorway. Fortunately, the car was so packed and heavy that only the tires squeaked. Crossing Granada along the Sierra Nevada, we headed down to the coast, then on to Malaga and then to Tarifa.

The last two hours have felt infinitely long. It was also very hot and had lots of traffic.
Our comfortable trip of 4 to 5 days we managed in 3 days and the reward was the sunset of Tarifa.

In the next chapter we will tell you more about our start in Tarifa...