Chapter III
Life in Tarifa

Chapter III

The live

For more than a month we are now in Tarifa. Time flies by and the temperatures rise day by day. Slowly but surely we have arrived and also much more relaxed. Almost like Spaniards :)

In Spain everything is a bit different, or rather more comfortable, than in Switzerland. People take life easy and are basically friendly and open. This can also be seen in working hours: the shops open at 9 am, sometimes at 10 am and remain open until 2 pm. Afterwards, siesta is announced and no Spaniard is more in sight. From 17 o'clock it goes on until 21 o’clock. But not only our work and shopping routine, but also our eating times was somewhat disturbed. Breakfast is served here from 11 am to 2 pm, lunch is somehow not and the dessert is served at the earliest from 8 pm.

Our headquarters

Either way, we have already found some good restaurants. Here is our current list:

Pachamama (For special occasions, very good meat)
OZU (fine, homemade, inexpensive menus right at the kitespot)
Café Azul (expensive, but great breakfast, fresh fruit)
La Cuadra (Mexican, cheap tapas and menus in the old town)
Vaca Loca (Meat for the big hunger, in the middle of the nightlife)
La Fábrica (Cheap hamburger but expensive drinks)
Café Central (Always open, good burgers and pizzas)
La Herrería (Simple, good and cheap to take away)
Polideportivo (Fine, cheap Tapas by the sea)
La Tribu Playa (Very good pizza, away from the shot)

A small pre-taste of the Angus Steak, which we have eaten with Lolo, Toni and Philipp in the Pachamama:

Angus-Steak im Pacha Mama

Although the town of Tarifa is very small, there is a very large selection of cafes, bars and restaurants, which mostly serve local food. So we have a lot to try out.

And as a few recommended bars and cafes:

  • Café Juan (coffee and hot sandwiches with cheese and ham)
  • Café Diez (fruit juices, crepes and the “third” muffin)
  • Tomatito (bar right in the center of the nightlife)
  • Aloha (Our favorite bar in Tarifa)

The Aloha bar we especially like because of the sympathetic bartenders Ricardo, Nieves, Gonzalo and Luis.

The Bienstar, a nice chiringuito on the beach, this year unfortunately no more :(

Chiringuito Bienstar

Punta Paloma

Reached from the long drive to Tarifa, we once again dived at the wheel of the terminator and made a small trip of 10km to Punta Paloma. We crossed the impressive sand dunes, which run along the whole street.

Sanddünen Punta Paloma

Next we went on gravel roads with big sleepers. We crossed a military area and various cow pastures, until it really did not go any further. All alone stood the car parked at the end of the dirt road and we hoped that it was still there after our return was still there. On foot we made our way down to the sea. The paths led to the top of a small, secluded but very beautiful beach.

Punta Paloma einsamer Strand

...and here it was time: Jessica was in the cold water for the first time! The new 5.5mm neoprene was better and above all warmer than expected.

Jessica 5.5mm Neopren

A second trip led Jessica to Algeciras to the local police station. Not because of the cracked internet of the neighbors, but because of the registration in Spain and the NIE.


As an alternative to kiting, as long as there is no wind, we tried surfing for the first time. After a few washing machine-sweeps in the white foam of the waves, that made really really fun. Thanks to Toni and Alvaro for the surfboards.

Andres Surfen Fail
Andres Surfen
... and Giani, the boxer-retriever of Toni, looks and laugh :)
Toni mit Hunden

After the surf session, there was a great fondue evening at Toni at the campsite with Philipp, Lolo, Andreas, Evelyn and Sascha.


After the rare windless days, we started again with Poniente - the west wind. Andres tested several new kites from the Kiteshop Board Additions. Jessica took her first lessons with Manuel von Subcielo. There are various kitespots in Tarifa and the surrounding regions. We have already been able to test some of them:

  • Balneario
  • Camping Rio Jara
  • Los Lances - Agua
  • Los Lances - Waves
  • Valdevaqueros - Tangana
  • Valdevaqueros - Club Mistral
  • Bolonia

After a few instructive but strenuous kite lessons with Manuel and the 2m high waves of Tarifa, Jessica was ready for her first water start. In the shallow water lagoon and the help of Andres, it has worked very quickly and Jessica has driven her first 20m back and forth. Now just practice practicing practicing.

Kite-Lektionen Jessica mit Manuel von Subcielo
Kite-Lektionen von Jessica mit Manuel von Subcielo

After the intense tests, Andres finally decided on a kite and gave up the order: Naish Draft 9m² und 12m²

Thanks for the great advice and the many test kites!

Mara, a friend of Jessica from Hamburg, came with her friends Jan, Lasse, Oliver and Daniel for 10 days to Tarifa. Jessica knows Mara from the ski resort Scuol. Not only in the snow but also on the water, in the barbecue or in the restaurants, bars and clubs of Tarifa, we had together a very nice time. We’re taking a big one now, thank you and Viva! :)

Mara, Jessica und Andres in der Aloha Bar

Important news

  1. We still have no legal internet, but we are on the road
  2. Jessica has all the necessary documents and a job at Whale Watch Tarifa
  3. Andres has 4 new caps, a new haircut and a snout
Finally, our next destination is not Central or South America, but Grand Baie in Mauritius. The reason for this are the rainy season and many flooding as well as the Hurricanes season.

We like wind, but not that much.

Sonnenuntergang in Rio Jara mit Andres
Sonnenuntergang in Rio Jara mit Jessica

Greetings from Tarifa and to the next chapter :)