Chapter IV

Chapter IV


Because of our new and relaxed lifestyle, lots of sunshine and the wonderful impressions, we have smoothly forgotten the introduction of Tarifa. We’ll get it right now.

Many people have fallen in love with this small town and never wanted to go home again. This is how we were when we were here for the first time a few years ago. We did not know what to expect. Many open questions were asked:

  • How is the relationship going?
  • How is it with our family and friends?
  • How is the job about the Internet?
  • How quickly does Jessica find a local job?
  • Do we find an apartment?
  • etc.

That's why a simple start was very important to us. Here in Tarifa we already had a cool circle of friends and many friends who could support us. Our family and friends can visit us easily and quickly, or we can return if necessary. Also the language was ideal, since Spanish is Jessica’s mother tongue and Andres can already put one or the other words into a sentence. This was the reason why we chose Tarifa as our first destination.

Tarifa is located in Andalusia, Spain, just below Gibraltar. It is the southernmost point of the continent of Europe. The north coast of Africa is visible in clear weather, as it is only 14km away. Nowhere is the African continent closer to Europe.

Sicht auf Afrika von Tarifa

Here in Tarifa the calm Mediterranean meets the wild Atlantic. The peninsula “Isla de las Palomas” separates the two seas. Throughout the year strong winds blow here, making Tarifa one of the most famous wind and kite surfing spots in the world.

Mittelmeer und Atlantik

With its 18'000 inhabitants and an area of ​​420km², the city is relatively small. In the high season from July to August, however, it is quite crowded with more than 40’000 tourists. Also in the water there is in this time much more traffic than in the Nebensaison.

That is why we are leaving Switzerland at the end of June and Mauritius on 15 July. How long we stay there is still unknown, but probably until December.

We are waiting for your visit ;)

Mauritius - Le Morne

Our everyday life

Jessica has been working for more than a month at Whale Watch Tarifa. There you can see dolphins, whales and orcas in freedom. The dolphins live almost in front of Tarifa, the whales and orcas use the road from Gibraltar as a link between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic to breed or to find food. Jessica does all the administrative work at the office and takes care of the tourists who would like to experience such a tour on a ship. In addition, you can also take on tasks in the field of marketing and social media. She likes it so far.

Whale Watch Tarifa - Delfin

Andres has finally got his long-awaited kites and tried them out right away. Despite the almost daily muscle soreness and blisters on the hands, he is very satisfied with his purchase and has already reached a new record in jumping.

Rekord-Sprung Kitesurfen 8.1m
Kiten mit Andres und Tobi

Here is a picture of his surfbuddies Chris, Tobi and Jessica ♥

Tobi am Kiten
Surfen mit Chris

Jessica also has a complete kite kit with board from Toni, new harness, 9m² kite and bar.

Jessica kurz vor ihrem Wasserstart
Jessica am Kitesurfen

But we work and kite not only, but also always gladly over visit, new and old announcements, good common food and nice conversations. Be it with a game evening with Toni with Lolo, Dominik and Daniela, in the restaurant with live music with Chris and Cindy or a delicious paella with Tobi.

Live-Musik im EcoCenter mit Chris und Cindy
Paella mit Tobi

Sometimes we also enjoy the time for two at a romantic picnic at the beach. Unfortunately with some wind and sand between the teeth, but also with a beautiful sunset. Either way, a successful date.

Picknick am Strand - Jessica
Picknick am Strand - Andres
Romantischer Sonnenuntergang

There are always several great events, such as The DANCE WITH ME * Longboard Contest * by OH MY LONG, which we did not want to miss.

DANCE WITH ME *Longboard Contest* von OH MY LONG

...or if it degenerates, as you end up naturally also gladly at an afterhour party in the Café del Mar until early in the morning. So, for example, with Andreas and Chris.

Party mit Chris und Andreas
Gesichtertausch mit Andreas

Ok, better to the next topic :)

Isla de las Palomas

Spontaneously we booked for a tour on the Isla de las Palomas (island of the pigeons). On Saturday morning it started. We were a small group of about 15 people, led by Javier, our guide of Mundo Posibilidades.

The peninsula was a military fortress around 1800. It served to monitor and defend the Strait of Gibraltar. A strategically very important point. Today there is a bridge linking the island with Tarifa. It is part of the National Park of the Strait of Gibraltar and the access is forbidden.

Isla de las Palomas
Isla de las Palomas - Leuchtturm

Even today many bunkers are located in and on the island. A big lighthouse stands at the surf against Africa. This is still in operation. However, there are also many old and decayed buildings, such as the former accommodation of the officers or the canteen of the soldiers. So that the soldiers were formerly independent of the mainland, they have built several water tanks, which could also replenish themselves with rain water. Not only tanks for water were well represented on the island, but also gunpowder towers. The shooting gun was intended for the large cannon, caliber 21cm, in the middle of the island.

Isla de las Palomas - Kantine der Soldaten
Isla de las Palomas - Kanone

Since the island is currently not inhabited and can not be entered without pre-registration, it is full of waste and moderated to itself. Nevertheless, she also has her beautiful sides, e.g. The “heart” of the Isla de las Palomas, which we have found very impressive and beautiful.

Isla de las Palomas - Herz
Isla de las Palomas - Herz mit Wasser
Isla de las Palomas - Herz ohne Wasser

Currently, there are no more soldiers on the island, but many aggressive seagulls and a prison for immigrants. Therefore, the island can not be entered without prior registration with the police. The gate was only opened for us 15 and immediately closed again. You could only go to the toilet after the tour.

Möwen auf der Isla de las Palomas


Bolonia is located 25km from Tarifa. It is known for its beautiful and quiet beach, its large sand dune and a well-preserved Roman settlement called Baelo Claudia.

The Romans built this settlement around the 2nd century BC. It was an “industrial city” for the processing of tuna. Amongst the exhibits were a part of the city’s water supply, the well-preserved theater and the extensive basilica with a statue of Emperor Trajan. Also impressive was the bathing complex with Hypokaustum. Hypokaustum is floor heating.

Römische Siedlung Baelo Claudia - Theater
Römische Siedlung Baelo Claudia - Badeanlage mit Hypokaustrum

The sand dune is more than 30m high and 200m wide. It is surrounded by pine forests and once you have reached the top, the view is beautiful.

Sanddüne von Bolonia
Sanddüne Bolonia - Jessica
Sanddüne Bolonia - Andres

Until next time :)