Chapter V
The last days in Tarifa

Chapter V

The last days in Tarifa

Slowly but surely we realized that we would not stay so many days in Tarifa. All the more we enjoyed the time...

Jessica & Andres am Geniessen

By chance, our parents visited us at the same time for a few days. Maigualida, the mother of Jessica, stayed with us for 10 days. The parents of Andres, on their way to Portugal, wanted to stay only two days. In the end it was also 9 days.
We ate every day very fine, but much too much.

Essen mit unseren Eltern

With exercise on the beach, dancing with live music in front of the bars and a guided tour of Tarifa, we were able to digest the sumptuous meals again.
Very nice, thank you for your visit.

Die Eltern von Andres

Tanger, Marokko

For one day, the two Chicas, Jessica and her mother, made their way to Morocco. By ferry, they crossed the Strait of Gibraltar and arrived in Tangier. By bus we went on a tour.
Right at the beginning of the tour you could ride camels.

Kamele reiten in Marokko

At the next stops the palace of Sultan and the cage of Hercules were to be seen.

Das Käfig von Herkules

There were handmade clothes on the big La Medina market.

Weberei und handgemachte Kleider
Markt La Medina

The lunch was served in a typical Moroccan restaurant: vegetable soup, cous-cous with chicken, meat kebabs, a typical dessert made of sugar and drinking a Moroccan tea, mmmh :)

Gibraltar, England

Another trip, this time also with Andres, took us to Gibraltar, England. Gibraltar occupies a small part of the Spanish mainland and is more beautiful than expected. With the terminator, we crossed the aircraft runway after a short drive and arrived in Gibraltar. The food was as expected - English. The famous monkeys on the mountain we have unfortunately not seen, but a beautiful, botanical garden.

Botanischer Garten in Gibraltar
Botanischer Garten in Gibraltar

AND the Queen of England :)

Queen von England

After saying goodbye to our parents, we soon had to say goodbye to Axel & Emily and André & Kristina. Both pairs we met during kitesurfing. We had a lot of fun together on the water and many amusing and exciting conversations in the evening in the bar or with a fine joint dinner.

The beautiful time passed by in flight and for us too the days of Tarifa were counted slowly. Packing was once again announced, but luckily not as much and stressful as last time.
We did not really want to celebrate more than three days farewell party like in Switzerland. Nevertheless, it has become a few. Thanks for the nice last days together and hopefully soon: Javier, Estefania, Toni, Arturo, Carmen, Daniela, Dominik and Helmut, who was visiting us for the second time :)

The hot ride back to Switzerland

In just three hours we loaded the terminator with our baggage and handed over our apartment. This time we were better prepared and planned the route. In two days we wanted to be back...

Packen vor der Abfahrt in Tarifa

But after an hour’s ride the terminator had enough of driving and wanted to take a siesta. It was very hot with an outside temperature of 37 ° C. His sweat evaporated under the bonnet. After two hours of chilling, he was ready again. It was a very relaxed journey, because he almost every second hour overheated and we had to stop at the most impossible places. Even an automechanic could not name the reason for this. The car was probably just overloaded, or the Terminator simply wanted to stay in Tarifa.

Kühlwasser vom Terminator

Our first stop was in Villarrobledo - scheduled at 7pm, arrived at midnight. Equipped with plenty of water for the Terminator, we drove on to Toulouse, France. After 3 days of driving we arrived despite the circumstances and with some stops in Switzerland. Unfortunately with only 14 ° C outside temperature, which was us however at this moment very no preference. Main thing we did it :)

The “Holidays”

In the hotel Mama we were spoiled for the first time with a fine food. So actually every day. The whole two weeks.
It was very nice that we could stay with you. You were very kind to us, thank you for everything!

We were especially pleased with the visit of Martina & Urs.

With a totally planned agenda, we also met our dear friends. Unfortunately the time was very short and we could not see all of you. We are looking forward to our next “holidays” in Switzerland. But you are all welcome to visit us somewhere on our trip;)

The time with our family and our friends we enjoyed very much. It is one of the things we miss most on our trip.

The stopover in Switzerland, however, also involved some tasks, among other things we had to separate ourselves from the terminator.
Andres went to work every day and was able to talk real with his work colleagues. The internet was fast for a change :)

Bye bye Terminator

Of course, we also had to pack, because the next adventure was already at the door...

Off to Mauritius

This time we could only take the most important thing. Clothes and toothbrush. But the kit material had made a dash for us with its 40kg... We still managed to get it on the plane.

Abschied am Flughafen Zürich

At 12 noon we flew. The flight lasted twelve hours. First to Frankfurt, then Condor directly to Mauritius. Destroyed by the long flight, we finally arrived at 5 o’clock in the morning...

Hafen in Grand Baie, Mauritius

As we continue, we do not know yet :)
Until the next chapter!