Chapter VII
The discovery tour through Mauritius

Chapter VII

The discovery tour - Part II

Our first trip together with Jasmin & Claude took us to the South West of Mauritius, in the Black River George National Park.

The national park is located in the mountains of Mauritius. A pass with many, narrow curves leads through the splendid nature to the sights. Already after some curves we had a beautiful view of Le Morne.

Aussicht auf Le Morne

The first goal was originally a 4-hour hike. Because it is getting dark in Mauritius early, but it was already a bit late and we had to change our plans. The plan B was the impressive waterfalls of Chamarel.

Die Wasserfälle von Chamarel

Afterwards we went on a small hike of 30 minutes to the 7 colored earth. The trail led through colorful forests with many different palm trees. We felt almost like in the jungle. Also because of the many mosquitos...

Palmenwälder im Black River George Nationalpark
7-farbige Erde

Our second attempt with the hike in the Black River George National Park also failed this time. Almost perfectly prepared we are started...

Vorbereitung der Wanderung im Black River George Nationalpark

But after 10 minutes we have already given up again. We did not expect it to rain so much. Let us look at the following picture for us.

Dreckige Schuhe nach der Wanderung

So it had to be Plan B again. This led us to 3 new, potential kitespots.

First to the probably most famous spot at all in Mauritius: Le Morne.
For all wave lovers, “One eye” in Le Morne is one of the world’s best kitespots. The wind probability is nowhere higher on the island than there. Nevertheless, we found the kitespot quite crowded and messy with its little entry and exit.

Strand von Le Morne

Next we went to the C Beach Club for Bel Ombre. A resort with a quiet and beautiful kitespot. Unfortunately a bit far from our place Grand Baie.

C Beach Club Resort von Bel Ombre

Our last stop of the day was in Flic en Flac, a small town with a large, public beach. The wind is here offshore and weak, therefore in the normal case not suitable for kiting. Nevertheless, the sunset was worth it.

Sonnenuntergang in Flic en Flac
Jasmin & Claude mit Sonnenuntergang in Flic en Flac
Jessica & Andres mit Sonnenuntergang in Flic en Flac

...and for the third time we have traveled to the south-west of the island for more than an hour. This time not for a hike, but the rum burner of Chamarel.

Here in Mauritius there are many sugar cane plantations. They are used for sugar, on the other hand also for the production of rum. So to speak the paradise for Jessica ;)

Rumbrennerei Chamarel - Die Flaschen
Rumbrennerei Chamarel - Die edlen Tropfen

Overmotivated we on a Sunday at 6 o’clock in the morning for a tour with the catamaran. The tour included swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, sightseeing of a crystal coral and eating and drinking on a small island. However, it never happened because the organizer had forgotten us at the meeting point

So it had to go again a Plan-B. It was the Casela nature and leisure park. A great but expensive experience, unfortunately also at the expense of the animals. Nevertheless, it was very impressive.

Jessica an der Zipline von Casela Natur und Freizeitpark
Andres an der Zipline von Casela Natur und Freizeitpark
Zebra im Casela Natur und Freizeitpark
Strauss im Casela Natur und Freizeitpark
Claude & Andres mit den Schildkröten vom Casela Natur und Freizeitpark
Jessica & Jasmin mit den Schildkröten vom Casela Natur und Freizeitpark

With so many adventures and impressions, our first 3 weeks have passed jerkily. The time with Jasmin & Claude was unfortunately already over and we had to say goodbye to our tour guides. Thank you for your visit, it was nice :)

Next destinations

We have promised you our next destinations:

To Mauritius, we will go to Thailand on 12 October 2016 for two months.

We spend Christmas and New Year in Switzerland. Our flight lands on 8 December 2016.

From 3 January 2017 it goes in the direction of Central America to the Dominican Republic.

Wir am Lachen :)

...and we are already quite excited :))

We are very happy about your comments and that you have followed our adventure. Thanks and to the next chapter.