Chapter VIII
The life in Mauritius

Chapter VIII

The adventure under water

The underwater world of Mauritius is very impressive. Around the island are endless coral reefs, animated by a variety of different fish and other creatures.

In order to gain an insight into the underwater animal world, we visited an aquarium nearby.
Together with our French friend Alex and his daughter, we drove to Pointe aux Piments in the Mauritius Aquarium.

Fische im Mauritius Aquarium

The trip into the aquarium made us curious and inspired. With borrowed snorkel equipment and the super insider tips from Alex, we were ready for a new adventure under water.

In Trou aux Biches we went on our first dive. In the beginning still somewhat inexperienced, but overwhelmed by the beautiful impressions.

Jessica & Andres am Tauchen in Trou aux Biches, Mauritius
Fische beim Tauchen in Trou aux Biches, Mauritius
Jessica & Andres am Tauchen in Trou aux Biches, Mauritius

Since then, we have visited and researched the same place again and again.

The visit of Marco

Our second and last visitor to Mauritius was from Marco. In the few days that were available to us, we have nevertheless experienced so much together.

Marco wanted to learn kitesurfing and took his first lessons in Poste Lafayette. On the third day he made his first water start with the support of Alois and Andres.

Gruppenfoto von Marco, Alois und Jessica & Andres beim Kitesurfen in Poste Lafayette

In the evening, after the busy days in the water, we are in different restaurants and have our belly full. But then it was not always the same. Afterwards we went on (at least) a drinker or a shisha into a bar. Once on a small club tour through Grand-Baie for dancing.

Taube füttern in Trou aux biches
Marco und Andres mit dem Feierabend-Bier

A joint excursion took us to Pamplemousses Garden, a botanical garden near Grand Baie. We did not feel the garden as special as. The botanical garden of Gibraltar. It was nevertheless impressive. The garden is very spacious and has a lot of different palm and plant species.

Palmenallee in Pamplemousses Garden
Spezieller Baum in Pamplemousses Garden
Schöner, grosser Baum im Pamplemousses Garden
Gruppenfoto mit Marco und Jessica & Andres im Pamplemousses Garten

Once we were also sunbathing and snorkeling on the beach and briefly in Le Morne for the Strapless Kitesurf Event. More about this later.

Thanks Marco for your visit and have fun with your new kite;)

The live

The kitesurfing

Of course, we were again a lot of kitesurfing :)

Jessica now runs without problems against the wind and she is trying her first turns.

Jessica am Kitesurfen

Andres has learned a few classic tricks, such as, The Darkslide or the Backroll Handplant Transition with Kiteloop.

Andres beim Darkslide
Andres bei der Backroll Handplant Transition mit Kiteloop

From Bellemare, together with Alois, Anil and Yannick, we made a downwinder to Poste Lafayette. For Jessica, this was the first Downwinder.

The Strapless Kitesurf Event

In Le Morne, at the Strapless Kitesurf Event, an impressive show awaited us. Strappless means that the kitesurfers ride without binding on surfboards. The competitors showed us their spectacular tricks. It was very imposing.

Strapless Kitesurf Event in Le Morne, Mauritius

The world is really small. One of the competitors we happened to know from Tarifa, Jan Marcos Rivera. From him we bought a kite for Jessica. Thank you for the spontaneity and see you in Cabarete ;)

The helicopter excursion

On the birthday of Jessica, Andres organized a surprise. We went on a trip in the air in the south of the island. By helicopter, we headed from the airport to the Blue Bay, then over the Black River George National Park to Le Morne and back again. The view, the nature with its strong colors, the turquoise blue sea with its coral reef ... it was super impressive and beautiful!

Helikopter mit Jessica & Andres in Mauritius
Helikopter Flug über Blue Bay, Mauritius
Jessica im Helikopter als Co-Pilotin
Helikopter Flug über Le Morne, Mauritius

The return flight, however, only Jessica and the pilot enjoyed - Andres was something bad because of the turbullence... :)

The work

At some point we have to work, of course. Andres works as usual in the morning. Jessica also recently. She blogs on her brand new site Kitespot.Reviews and writes about the kitespots that we visit. So that our journey can continue as long as possible, you can support the project of Jessica with your like on the relevant Facebook site. Oh, and you can share, of course, also ;) Thank you!

We work here in paradise, but it is simpler than it is effective. It is the same, hard work as usual in the workplace. Nothing changes. Just spend your spare time in a strange place and with other people.

For us it is so and we enjoy it very much.

Our friendships

In the beginning it was a bit difficult to find the connection to the people. At the kitespot we made a few contacts quickly. We also made some acquaintances in our headquarters or on the way to the city. But the show could also deceive. Many locals were very open and friendly, but wanted in some way the white (and therefore probably “rich”) tourist money. We now know a few tricks and know how to protect ourselves.

Over time, however, some good friendships developed. For this we have found a very suitable quotation for us:

“Wherever we travel to, the wonderful people we meet become our family.”

- Lailah Gifty Akita, Think Great: Be Great!

Grillen bei Ingrid und Anil mit Alois

We would like to thank Ingrid, Anil, Alois, Alex and Rahim & Nusrat. For us you are this family ♥

Conclusion for Mauritius

This small island is really stunningly beautiful. So many natural games, a diverse flora and fauna, turquoise water, endless long lagoons, white sand beaches, magnificent coral reefs and fantastic, lonely kitespots. Here, different cultures and religions live together peacefully.

But there is, as is probably at every place, a downside. Many want to make the quick money, among other things with tourism. However, sustainability is not yet an issue. The nature and animal world suffers. There are many unfinished buildings. Resorts take whole beaches and make them inaccessible and private. However, they are currently virtually empty. Whole cities are covered in smoke and covered with ashes when sugar cane or waste is burned. The food culture is very simple and not so varied. Almost everywhere there are stray dogs in search of food.

All this you get in 2-3 weeks vacation in the resort on the beach not with.

We liked it a lot. We will miss many and many things here.

Sonnenuntergang in Grand Baie, Mauritius

Soon our days are counted in Mauritius and we continue to Hua Hin in Thailand. We’ll pack then... ;)