Chapter X
The land of smiles

Chapter X

The visit of Maigualida

We’ve spent 10 days with the mother of Jessica. She was cooking for us the most delicious meals. Together we discovered lots of new and beautiful places in Thailand. We already miss the Arepas of Mama, thanks for visiting us ;)

Restaurant in Bangkok

For a long weekend we explored the capital of Thailand. With the good advice from David and Simon we found a cozy hotel in the heart of Bangkok. The two German students are currently living and studying in Bangkok. We met them at the kitespot in Hua Hin.

Illuminated bridge in Bangkok

Pom Phra Sumen

Very close to our hotel, right on the Chao Phraya river, we found the Pomphra Sumen fortress. It served in 1783 as a fort in defense of the city against an invasion from the river. But nowadays many of the Thais use it as a meeting place and to mourn the death of the king.

Pom Phra Sumen Fort
Pom Phra Sumen Fort
Pom Phra Sumen Fort

Taling Chan

A small, sweet floating market in the west of Bangkok. Here, fresh menus are prepared on small boats. From souvenirs to plants and flowers you can buy anything at this market.

Taling Chan floating market

Khaosan Road

In the evening, we strolled down the main street of Bangkok, Khaosan Road, where we walked through various markets, restaurants and shops. In one of the many creative restaurants, we enjoyed a delicious meal.

Khaosan Road - Restaurant
Khaosan Road - Market
Khaosan Road - Burger
Khaosan Road - Marketstreet


The next day we took a taxi to Chinatown in the south of Bangkok. It was very impressive.

Chinatown in Bangkok
Chinatown in Bangkok - Market with lots of food

Pantip Plaza

The paradise for fans of electronics. Andres wanted to spend all his (and Jessica’s) money there. New laptops, a camera, the appropriate telephoto lens and a few other things we had in our pockets when leaving the shopping mall.

Pantip Plaza

Other excursions

Back in Hua Hin and bankrupt, Jessica and Maigualida were making a few more trips around. They were on the famous Night Market, visited a Salesian Church and took some photos at the Huay Mongkol temple.

Salesian church
Huay Mongkol temple
Huay Mongkol temple

In the Safari & Adventure Park of Hua Hin they saw the great elephants.

Safari & Adventure Park Hua Hin - elephants

Tennis match

On the way to Bangkok, we met Natalija & Nikolas from Serbia. Natalija is a professional tennis player. Nikolas plays waterball, but currently works as Natalija’s coach. We enjoyed some nice lunches and dinners together. Once we were watching a tennis game. That was great!
Many thanks for the invitation :)

Tennis Match Natalija Kostic
Team Kostic

Phraya Nakhon

A small trip by taxi took us to the Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park. From there we had to hike two kilometers over hill and dale at 35°C to the Phraya Nakhon cave. Of course with flip-flops, because life is much better barefoot. We arrived there completely sweaty. But it was very worth it.

Phraya Nakhon - Hiking
Phraya Nakhon - View of a lonely beach
Phraya Nakhon - Cave
Phraya Nakhon - Temple
Phraya Nakhon - Way back
Phraya Nakhon - Selfie

Before the return we were asked by the taxi driver: “Do you want to eat before sex?”. Laughing, we thanked him and went back home.

Phraya Nakhon - Bridge on the way back

The last days

We enjoyed the last days in Hua Hin to the maximum. Martha Judith, a friend of Jessica spontaneously visited us with her friend from Bangkok. Jessica organized a small surprise party with the lovely people from the kitespot for the birthday of Andres. David and Simon stayed for a weekend with us to do kitesurfing together. With Mario, a very interesting Swiss and almost local in Hua Hin, we have spent a great evening in Soi 88. We also met him during kitesurfing. In the end we had a nice farewell party to say goodbye to all the great people and Thailand.
Unfortunately, we have no picture of all these beautiful moments - however they will remain in our memory :) Thank you all!

The conclusion

We liked the simple but tasty food, the beautiful nature, the Thais attention to the detail, the friendly culture and of course Pantip Plaza.
From the walking Rupee bag we have become the Bath bag - the tourism unfortunately dominates the image of Hua Hin and Bangkok. Also the wind wasn’t as powerful as we expected. Actually it was a tragedy, as we had only 2 good kitesessions within two months. The water in Hua Hin was also very dirty and there were lots of jellyfish.

Dead ballfish on Hua Hin beach

Back in Switzerland

From 35°C to 0°C or less, without winter jacket and unfortunately without snow. But at least the flight was pleasant and the sunset in Köln very impressive.

Sunset over Cologne

Meanwhile at the hotel Mama we are very spoiled with fine food. We have already missed it in Thailand and Mauritius.

View from Hotel Mama

Andres enjoys the working hours at the office together with his colleagues and, of course, the beer after a hard day of work.

Andres after work, drinking beer with his colleagues

Jessica spends a nice time with her chicas. Together we enjoy the time with our family and friends. The time passes very fast as always and unfortunately we can not meet all of you guys.

Soon we will move on to Dominican Republic. Hopefully it will be a bit warmer again.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year.

Until the next chapter :)

Christmas dinner with the company of Andres