Chapter XI

Chapter XI

Finally we travel to Central- and South America! This has always been our dream. And soon it goes to the Caribbean to Cabarete.

Motoried glider, directly in front of our apartment in Cabarete

But first...

The last days in Switzerland

We really enjoyed the time with the family of Andres over the holidays. A small trip took us to Andelfingen to Martina & Urs. Many thanks for the invitation :)

Martina & Urs and Jessica & Andres in Andelfingen

Alexandra & Urs invited us to a great last Raclette with the chicas of Jessica. It was very delicious, thank you very much!

Eating Raclette with the chicas of Jessica

Even though we did not have that much snow before we left, we still had to go to the slopes. With Claude, at least we went to Laax for one day. Boom watch me, watch me :))

Jessica & Andres snowboarding in Laax
Claude, Jessica & Andres after snowboarding in Laax

The snow came on time on the day of our departure. From -10 ° C and snowstorm we went to the Caribbean to pleasant 28 ° C with sun, beach, Bachata and Cuba Libre. We were not so sad ;)

A big thank you to the parents of Andres for the airport transfer, the beautiful and clean accommodation in a good, quiet location with garden and the hospitality. We will definitely recommend you :))

The arrival in Cabarete

After a pleasant 13 hour trip with Eurowings, we landed in Puerto Plata. By taxi we drove 30 minutes to Cabarete, our new home for the next 3 months.

The apartment

Huss, our neighbor on the second floor, gave us the keys for our 2.5 rooms apartment. As we arrived, we met our security guard “Wachiman”, Señor Gustavo. He was already observing the surroundings of the house.

The apartment is located directly on the beach and has a nice, spacious terrace. However, by the lack of cleanliness and the dirty bed sheets, our first impression was not exactly exhilarating. There were also no bath towels for the long-awaited shower after the trip.

After the first, big cleaning action, we have already felt much more comfortable. Of course it is not like in Switzerland and we had adapt first ;)

Andres on the sofa in our apartment in Cabarete
The view from our flat in Cabarete

The neighbours

For the first 7 days we had two neighbors next door, Tracy & Michel, from England and France. They have equipped us with a sofa, table, chairs and the most necessary kitchen utensils. We enjoyed the short time together on the terrace with an Aperos and on the beach while kiting. Thank you very much!

New table and sofa of our neighbours

The private beach

Getting out of the house, going down the stairs and we are right on the beach. In 15 minutes by feet we are in the center of Cabarete. There are the many restaurants, shops and bars. Cabarete Bay is also one of the official kitespots (also called Bozo).

A few minutes further by feet, you will arrive at Kite Beach, the second kitespot in Cabarete.

And still further towards the west, comes Playa Encuentro, a well-known beach for wave riders.

Signpost of Cabarete

But why going so far when you can sunbathe, swim, surf or kitesurf alone directly in front of the flat? Except for a few walkers there are almost no people on the beach. We find it perfect.

Private beach in Cabarete
Andres kitesurfing
Andres kitesurfing

La Boca Yásica

In the other direction, to the east, walking along the beach, you arrive at the river mouth of La Boca Yásica. This trip took us around one hour.

On the way to La Boca Yásica
Some mussels of La Boca Yásica
Ferry of La Boca Yásica

At the second time, we went there with some locals for lunch, crap fishing and kitesurfing. We ate “Locrio de pollo”, a typical and very tasty Dominican dish. We forgot to bring several ingredients for the lunch and we even had to use the water from the river, which is drinkable.

Crapfishing with the locals
Captured craps
Typical dominican food, locrio de pollo, in La Boca Yásica
Andres kitesurfing in La Boca Yásica

Baseball final

As a well integrated Dominicanos we had to watch the final baseball game of the Dominican Republic. This is a very important event for the locals. Águilas played against Licey. Águilas of Santiago lost 2-6 against the players of Santo Domingo. It was very emotional and fun! :)

Dominicans watching the final baseball game

Until the next adventure in the Caribbean ;)

A sunrise from our flat in Cabarete