Chapter XII
Half-time in the beautiful Cabarete

Chapter XII

It’s been a long time since our last blog post... So many new and beautiful impressions that this island granted us, we simply had no time to blog :)

But we didn’t forget about you and we will send you another, last post from the Dominican Republic in the next few weeks.

An unexpected invitation

On a nice Saturday afternoon, we met Jaquelin. She is a very cordial and modest Dominican. We understood each other so well that she invited us to her home and family, for a lunch.

Kelvin, the nephew of Jaquelin, drove us on his motorcycle to “La Loma” in the mountains. We did not know yet, that this was going to be one of the best days we had in Cabarete.

The whole family lives on the same land, distributed in different, very simple cement or wood houses. The mother of Jaquelin has 19 children, Jaquelin has 7 children, these children also have children... a big family!

Kelvin led us through the whole settlement and also showed us its water source. The settlement is located in the forest, surrounded by rocks and caves and everywhere are wild animals. Roosters for the rooster fights, chickens and ducks for the eggs and the meat, horses for guided tours through the mountains, pigs, etc. Andres felt like he was in the jungle. Everywhere there were wild trees with many flowers and shrubs with fresh fruits like mangoes, pineapples, bananas, papaya, and many more.

A small shop of the family of Jaquelin in La Loma
A house in La Loma

Back from our small tour and hungry, we cooked a typical Dominican plate. The stone kitchen is located outside, protected from bad weather by a roof made of corrugated iron. The fire is made with wood, the water from the rice is reused for washing the dishes. The “Locrio de pollo”, rice with chicken and beans + salad, was really delicious.

The kitchen of the family of Jaquelin

After the meal we were led to the caves of “La Loma” for a refreshment. There are dozens of these caves, which are connected to each other. They are known for their pure, cold, crystal clear water.
It wasn’t that cold ;)

Swimming in one of many caves in La Loma


After the failed search for a post office in Cabarete, we had to take a “Guagua” to the next town called Sosúa.

Guaguas are 12-seater buses from public transport with their predetermined routes, stuffed with at least 20 people.
"Arrímate para que siente otro!" or “Make room for the others!”

We took advantage of this opportunity to see the city and the beach.

Beach of Sosúa
Beach of Sosúa

The gringos

All white people in the Dominican Republic are called “gringos”. Of course, we also met a lot of nice gringos.

Daniela & Edi from Germany, wanted to kitesurf, but unfortunately did not have enough wind during their holiday week. There were good waves for surfing though.

Daniela & Edi on our terrace

In the hostel next door, there were so many great and multicultural people, that we were visiting them almost every day, sipping fresh Piña Coladas.

Selfmade Piña Coladas in the hostel next door

Dominic, however, was the only visitor of the hostel, who stayed longer than 3 days. With the kitesurfer from Germany, we spent many days on the water and had a blast in Cabarete.

Dominic and Andres kitesurfing together at the private beach
First huge jumps of Dominic, yeepa!

Together with a friend of Dominic, Simon, and our heavy kite equipment, we walked to La Boca. We really enjoyed kiting the flat water of the spot. Afterwards we crossed the river in a small boat, to get to the only local restaurant. A fried fish with “Tostones” (cooking banana), rice with beans and a salad was served. In addition a Piña Colada from the hollowed pineapple. It was super delicious.

Ready for our hike to La Boca with our heavy kite equipment
Andres and Dominic kitesurfing in flat water at La Boca
Kitesurfing jump of Andres
Crossing the river by boat to get to the restaurant

After the already very successful day, we could kitesurf from La Boca back to our home.

Jessica at our private beach

See you in the next and last chapter of the Dominican Republic :)