Chapter XIII
The Dominican Republic

Chapter XIII

We’ve got so much in love with Cabarete. The nature, the people, the culture, the music and the rum... For us, many details were perfect in this beautiful little town.

Unfortunately, there are only a few weeks left of the three month in total. The adventure will continue in Aruba.

Sunset in Cabarete

The visit of Helmut and Andreas

Our two most loyal visitors, Helmut and Andreas, have also joined us in Cabarete. Helmut is currently leading with three visits followed by Andreas with two. We are happy every time :)

Helmut, Andreas and Jessica & Andres

Thanks for your visit! :)

The excursion to Moca

With Joel, the barber of Andres as tourguide, we took a rental car for the five of us and drove to Moca. The home of Joel’s family. Equipped with a tour map we started our journey.

The ride was a little bit tough because of the bad condition of the roads. There were many, deep holes. Partly the whole street or bridge was swept away because of heavy rainfall. Either way, the road to Moca and via Gaspar Hernandez back to Cabarete was very impressive.

Our view on the way to Moca
Beautiful tree on our way to Moca

In Moca, we were warmly welcomed by the family of Joel. Spontaneously we were also invited to a great lunch. We were served rice with beans, pork and a salad. Speaking of food, a goat from the family took our tour map off Helmut’s hands and ate it with great pleasure :))

Lunch with the family of Joel in Moca

Joel led us through the small village and gave us many beautiful impressions. The inhabitants of Moca usually live from tobacco farming. Everywhere there are large plantations. In every household you can find roosters for the popular roosterfights. The father of Joel is a referee of such fights. We did not want to see them...

Tobacco plantation in Moca
House in Moca
View from Moca
Excursion to Moca with Joel, Helmut, Andreas and Jessica & Andres

Surfing at Encuentro

Together with Andreas and our Canadian friends Karen & Rob, on an early Thursday morning, we went with the Guagua to Encuentro for surfing.

Jessica & Andres on the pickup to Encuentro

Encuentro has 7 different spots and is known for its waves.

Everyone had a lot of fun.

Surfing at Encuentro
Andres surfing at Encuentro

Cleaning the beach

After Andreas went back home and the heavy rains had finally come to an end, an enormous amount of waste was carried to the beach.

We quickly took a large plastic bag and cleaned the entire beach section of Cabarete back to our apartment. On the long way back, we have also motivated / inspired other people to help us cleaning the beach. Karen & Rob were the first, followed by a nice Venezuelan / German couple, Mimi & Stefan and a few more passerby.

In the end, we collected 3 large bags of waste. Here is our proud group photo with Karen & Rob. Thanks for your help!

Cleaning the beach with Karen & Rob

...and the clean beach, right in front of our apartment (left) and the hostel (right).

Out apartment at the beach of Cabarete

Santo Domingo

After a nice farewell dinner at Los Gringos with Dominic and Simon, Karen & Rob, Arif and Huss, we started our 5 hour trip by bus to Santo Domingo.

Our flight was canceled spontaneously, so we had two more days to discover the capital city in the south of the island.

In the old town of Santo Domingo there are many historical buildings, museums and ruins.

Fortress Ozama, residence of Diego Colón
Old buildings in the old town of Santo Domingo

We walked a lot and returned with tired legs.

Beautiful nature on our way to the national aquarium in Santo Domingo
Beautiful nature on our way to the national aquarium in Santo Domingo
Kid on the tri-motorcycle in Santo Domingo

In our beautiful and creative hostel we spent a day with Simon and a day with Dominic, who also had their flights from Santo Domingo. It was a great coincidence, that our departure dates were overlapping :)

Our hostel in Santo Domingo

Sadly, we had to leave the Dominican Republic. This was one of our favorite places so far.

But a new adventure is waiting for us: Aruba

Read more in the next chapter ;)

Jessica & Andres on the terrace of our flat in Cabarete