Chapter XIV

Chapter XIV

The journey from Santo Domingo to Oranjestad in Aruba was short and more or less painless. In about two hours we travelled from the airport in Santo Domingo to our first apartment in the north of Aruba. The fee for the sport luggage was however exorbitant...


The first apartment

The first week we spent in a very nice apartment of our hostess Tu. Tu and her family own a large villa with a few apartments. The pool, the hammocks, sunbeds and the coconuts can be used and eaten by all visitors.

Tu's Flat with a shared pool, hammocks and sunbeds

But not only the very well-kept garden with its many flowers and trees was beautiful, but also our apartment.

Because the weather is always nice here, the kitchen was outside.

Our kitchen at Tu's place

The beach in the north

Our apartment was only a 15 minute walk from the beach. Here in the north the water is light blue transparent and very shallow. It is warm and beautiful with the white sandy beach and the refelcting sunrays.

Fishermen’s Hut

Close to the many hotels and resorts, the most famous kitespot in Aruba is Fisherman’s Hut. The water there is flat and you can walk to the reef. But it is extremely (really extreme) gusty and completely offshore wind. Tarifa is a joke compared with its gusts. For beginners the spot is definitely not suitable, nevertheless every day there are kite classes and many people get fished out of the water with the rescue boats.

Kitespot Fishermen's Hut
Rescue boats at Fishermen's Hut

Marce & Reto

...and that was the way we met Marce & Reto. The Colombian Marcella was desperately waiting for her Swiss boyfriend Reto, who was taken to the beach by the rescue boat.

With them we spent two very nice weeks.

Selfie with Marce & Reto and Jessica & Andres

Boca Grandi

Together we started early in the morning and visited the alternative kitespot in the south of the island. Boca Grandi is a deserted bay just below the island’s big prison.

Prison of Aruba, close to Boca Grandi
Jessica & Andres at Boca Grandi

The spot is really cool! The wind blows mostly on or side-on shore, there is plenty of space for starting and landing and it’s not crowded. There is no infrastructure or shadow in and around the bay. The latter became a disaster for us after spending 12 hours on the beach with kiting and interesting conversations. We all went home with the sunburn of our lives. Sun protection 50+ won’t help you here at midday...

For the sake of completeness, we could mention that the next day we were at the same spot all day because it was so nice.

Sun protection in Boca Grandi
Reto and Andres kitesurfing

Baby Beach

On the way back from Boca Grandi to the town, we took the opportunity and visited the well-known Baby Beach with Marce & Reto.

Baby Beach in Aruba

The California-Lighthouse

Another short trip with our lovely new friends led us to the lighthouse. It got very romantic.

Romantic atmosphere Reto and Andres
Jessica & Andres at the California-Lighthouse in Aruba

Arashi Beach

After the lighthouse, we went to Arash Beach close by, to watch the sunset.

Sunset at Arashi Beach in Aruba
Selfie at Arashi Beach in Aruba

Natural Pool

One of the most beautiful sights of the whole island is the Natural Pool. You won’t get directly to the pool without a 4x4. We didn’t have one, so we set off at 7 o’clock in the morning, because the sun is not too strong yet. It was a 45 minute walk through the Arikok National Park.

The hike was very worth it. In the Natural Pool there were various fishes and colors, it was really impressive.

Hike to the Natural Pool in Aruba
Only a 4x4 can make it to the Natural Pool in Aruba
Natural Pool Aruba
Natural Pool Aruba

Jessica at Natural Pool in Aruba
Fishes at Natural Pool in Aruba

Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to our new friends after the many shared experiences :( Hopefully we’ll meet again soon somewhere in the world. We miss you!

Farewell photo of Marce & Reto and Jessica & Andres

The second apartment

In the meantime, we moved into our second and definite home. The hosts Marcia & Jerome welcomed us warmly. They also provided us with their own made rum.

Here we have everything we need and also the Internet is by far the most stable and fastest compared to all other destinations.

We do have some pets here too.

Goats in the garden of our apartment

We have not given them names yet, there are too many :))

In the next chapter, we will tell you more about other adventures in Aruba.

Bye for now :)

Sunset over Aruba