Chapter XIX
Excursions in the north of Brazil

Chapter XIX


Together with the Argentine family, Valeria & Pablo with Ona and Gabriela, the mother of Valeria, we took the bus to Fortaleza for some sightseeing.

We walked a lot, saw a lot and as always we ate a lot of delicious meat :)

Park in Fortaleza
Big tree in the park of Fortaleza
Cathedral in Fortaleza
Beach of Fortaleza
Group photo in Fortaleza

Dune of Cumbuco

Just above Cumbuco you can find a big dune. It’s growing and moving because of the strong winds. After a short hike up to the top we had a breathtaking view of the small fishing village. A street dog accompanied us all the way up and guarded our flip flops.

Watchdog and dune of Cumbuco
Dune of Cumbuco
Andres on the dune of Cumbuco
View from the dune of Cumbuco

Birthday of Jessica

Jessica, Marcio and Ivan all have their birthdays in October. We organised two nice parties and celebrated with them and our friends.

Birthday cake of Jessica
Group photo from the birthday of Jessica
Kwang & Jelle with Jessica
Hung & Ivan with Giacomo and Jessica
Valeria & Pablo with Ona, Stephanie and Jessica
Iara & Luiz with Jessica & Andres and some friends from Brazil


In the holidays of Andres, we went to Lagoinha in two cars together with Kwang & Jelle, Sebastian, Josef and Marc. Lagoinha is a small lagoon in the middle of dunes, directly on the sea.

Group photo in Lagoinha
Lagoon of Lagoinha
Group photo in the lagoon of Lagoinha

On the way back we got stuck twice. With a lot of speed, Sebastian finally made it up the hill to the street.

On the way back stuck in the sand
Jessica posing in Lagoinha


Still in the holidays of Andres, we’ve decided spontaneously to rent our own car and drive up north just the two of us. We did not have a plan, but the main idea was to go to Jericoacoara and back in 4 days. In total it was around 600km. On the way there were many nice places to visit...

Roadtrip in the north of Brasilien


Our first stopover was in Guajiru. The small fishing village was a bit crowded because of a public holiday and it was therefore a challenge to find an accommodation. Nevertheless, we liked it a lot and we could celebrate the special day with the locals.

Beach of Guajiru
Way from the hotel to the beach
Public holiday in Guajiru

Ilha do Guajiru

The next morning we made our way to Ilha do Guajiru. The village is actually just a road with a few pousadas and a great lagoon for kitesurfing. That place was very windy!

Lagoon of Ilha do Guajiru
Andres kitesurfing in Ilha do Guajiru


After the tasty snapper for lunch in Ilha do Guajiru, our journey continued to Preá. There we wanted to spend the night, but we did not really like the village even though it was right on the beach. We quickly booked a place to stay in Jericoacoara and were on the road again.

To drive to Jeri you have to ride on the sandy beach, because there is no real road going there. The village is in the middle of a nature reserve and was without electricity and telephony for many years. With a little less tire pressure and enough speed, we made it in 25 minutes to the large parking lot. Jeri is car-free, with the exception of authorized buses and buggies.

The whole city is built on sand and very creative. Many restaurants also have no Internet - for a good reason.

Creative Jericoacoara
Hippie restaurant in Jericoacoara
Windsurfspot in Jericoacoara
Creative shops in Jericoacoara
We do not have Wifi, talk to each other!
Street music in Jericoacoara
Creative Jericoacoara
Crocodile tree in Jericoacoara

Toward the evening most of the people of the town went up the big sand dune to watch the sunset, drinking a fresh Caipirinha from the mobile bar together. It’s a very cool spectacle and they do it traditionally every day!

Sunset in Jericoacoara - people are walking up the dune
Sunset in Jericoacoara
Sunset in Jericoacoara - People
Sunset in Jericoacoara - View from the dune
Sunset in Jericoacoara
Sunset in Jericoacoara - Us :)


After our wonderful weekend in Jericoacoara, we headed back to Cumbuco. For lunch we made a short stop in Paracuru. We could observe the fishermen, who brought their huge and fresh fish to the shore.

Fresh fish in Paracuru


On the weekend before we left, we drove together with our neighbors Iara & Luiz, Ana & Flavio with Ian and Ivan with Giacomo to Taiba. We spent the whole day at the lagoon with kitesurfing, food and kite lessons for Flavio.

Ana & Flavio with Ian in Taiba
Luiz kitesurfing
Andres kitesurfing with Giacomo
Giacomo kitesurfing in Taiba
Ivan kitesurfing in Taiba
Andres kitesurfing in Taiba

Before we left we organized a dinner and had breakfast together with all our friends.

Thank you for the nice time together, we really enjoyed it with you!