Chapter XV
More adventures in Aruba

Chapter XV

As in almost all destinations, here in Aruba, we also had very nice visits.

Alexandra & Rafael Simon

By chance we met the family of Alexandra & Rafael Simon in Aruba. They are part of the family of Jessica from Venezuela and own a nice apartment in the north of the island.

In the pool with Alexandra & Rafael Simon and his family

We spent a nice day all together with lots of snacks at the pool. It was nice to see you, thank you very much!

Marlies & Fritz

Another lovely coincidence were Marlies & Fritz, the uncles of Andres, whom we received at the airport.

Whether it was at the pool bar or at the sea, the time we spent together was very pleasant and full with nice conversations. Also we enjoyed the delicious dinner and the barbecue night at Mariott very much.

View from the apartment of Marlies & Fritz on the day of the barbecue
The four of us in the pool at the Marriot Hotel
Dining all four in one of the Marriott restaurants

It was a great coincidence that your holidays were overlapping with our stay in Aruba :)

Renzo & Maria Isabel

Aruba is very close to Venezuela. Jessica’s father with Maria Isabel visited us spontaneously for 10 days. After about four years, it was time to meet again.

One afternoon we had a barbacue all together, with great entrecotes and various sausages. As a side dish there were potatoes and salad. Yummy!

Barbecue with Renzo & Maria Isabel with Marlies & Fritz and Jessica & Andres

Philips Animal Garden

That day we had planned a visit of the handmade cigar factory. Which unfortunately was closed.

Spontaneously we decided for an alternative, the Philips Animal Garden. There they have many different species of animals, which are kept relatively well. Most of them can also be fed.

Goats at Philips Animal Garden
Ostrich at Philips Animal Garden
The iguana at Philips Animal Garden
Llama at Philips Animal Garden

Dinner at Zeerover

Finally we found a good local restaurant. In Zeerovers you can choose between fish or shrimps. The meals can be ordered with different sides and eating is done by hand. The restaurant is very simple and is right next to the sea. The fishermen deliver their fresh fish directly to the restaurant. Only minutes later their catches are on your plate. That was very good!

Dinner at Zeerover with Renzo & Maria Isabel

The different beaches

Almost every day we visited a different beach. Equipped with lots of ice, drinks and snacks, we went to Boca Grandi for kitesurfing, strolled along the beautiful Eagle Beach, went to the shipwreck at Arashi Beach and enjoyed the sunset on the beach just next to the big resorts in the north.

Enjoying the beach
Tree in Eagle Beach
The beautiful beach of Eagle Beach
Kitesurfing in Boca Grandi
Together in Arashi Beach

We also spent a few nights in the apartment of Renzo and Maria Isabel. Hours and hours of exciting conversations and of course we also enjoyed a great cigar. We were spoiled with many delicious meals. Thank you for everything and we hope you will come back soon :)

Good bye dinner with Renzo & Maria Isabel

Animal Shelter Aruba

In the meantime, between all the visits and great meals, Jessica has found a job in the Aruba Animal Shelter. She could take care of the dogs and cats, provide them with medicines, feed and wash them and of course, cuddle them with lots of love.

Jessica at the Animal Shelter in Aruba

Quadirikiri Cave

The Arikok National Park of Aruba has several caves, including the Quadirikiri Cave. The legend says that in the years 10’000 - 1’800 b.c, the daughter of an an Indian Chief, named Wuadirikiri, was imprisoned in that cave. She has not fallen in love with a man of the same tribe, but with a stranger...

It also had many bats :))

Entrance of the Quadirikiri cave
Quadirikiri Cave
Quadirikiri Cave
Quadirikiri Cave
The outside part of the Quadirikiri cave

Conclusion about Aruba

Compared to the Dominican Republic, Aruba was like a slap in the face. Especially in the north, it is hard to find local people or local restaurants and shops. Everything is packed with American tourists, huge resorts with casinos and of course, KFC, Hooters, Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds, you name it.
Unfortunately, Aruba’s culture has been almost replaced by tourism.

The sun is extremely strong and the landscape’s dry and arid. Despite the cactus, there is not much green around here.

Either way, we made the best of the two months and still enjoyed it very much. In Boca Grandi we have found a very beautiful and always windy kitespot.

Andres and his Wind Wheel

Our last night in Aruba we’ve spent together with our hosts Marcia & Jerome and Francis. We made and enjoyed a dinner of tasty “Arepas”.

The next destinations

We are right now in Curaçao. We will stay until the beginning of August. Then we continue to Cumbuco in the north of Brazil.

From the 1st of November, we are back in Switzerland for a month. Our agendas are still free. First come, first serve ;) Do not forget that you can also come to visit us on our trips.

In the next chapter, we will tell you about our experiences in Curaçao.

See you soon :)

We two
Sunset in Aruba