Chapter XVI

Chapter XVI

The trip

InselAir did not disappoint us again, when we wanted to travel to Curaçao. As you know, they already canceled our flight to Aruba. At the airport, we had to wait over 3 hours at the check-in, because the flight was not leaving as planned at 12 o’clock but flew at 2 pm. Of course nobody has informed us. Also they didn’t inform the other 30-40 passengers behind us. At least the flight with the Fokker 50 was a turbulent adventure.

Fokker 50 from Aruba to Curaçao

The flight attendant had to throw up after the flight...

At least the flight was only taking 30 minutes and we spontaneously shared a taxi with 3 very sympatic kitesurfers from Holland. More about that later.

The apartment

Our hostess Denise has already been expecting us and welcomed us warmly. She showed us our beautiful new home. A small house with one room, a bathroom, kitchen and living room with a sofa and a dining table and everything else you need (eg. Internet).

Our flat in Curaçao
Our flat in Curaçao
Our flat in Curaçao

The car rental

We sacrificed the only holiday day of Andres on Monday after arrival, to rent a car. After some inquiries and offers, we opted for the most complicated, private provider. After some days of back and forth, it finally worked out and now we drive our well-known Hyundai i10.

Sint Joris Baai

With our new car we visited one of the most famous kitespots of Curaçao. Sint Joris Baai is a large lagoon and has no sand beach. There is wind almost every day. Here you can learn new tricks more easily, because of the shallow water. The people at the spot are very open minded and friendly. It’s a great atmosphere.

Sint Joris Baai kitespot

Here we met again Mila and Nijs & Emma, our new friends we’ve met in the taxi of the airport. We had a lot of fun together at the spot and a great aperitif / dinner at the Jan Thiel resort.
Many thanks for the cool time we had together and of course the tasty “Bitter Balls”! Hope to see you soon :)

Nijs kitesurfing
Our new dutch friends
Emma with her big chaos

The spot is never overcrowded and the same cool people always return. It is like a big kitesurfer family. The only kiteschool is operated by Nix. He motivates and inspires Andres every day to learn new tricks and gives him some nice tips.

Nix and Andres kitesurfing
Footslide transition of Andres

After a great kite session, Jacob spontaneously invited us to a bbq at the spot with his friends. The sous chef from Holland spoiled us with cold beer, Angus beef and other delicacies.

We felt very welcomed by the locals at the kitespot. That’s why we are going there almost every day.

Jessica kitesurfing

...but Jessica makes a lot of progress here too, finally we also have a picture of her :)

Cas Abao Beach

A first trip took us to the beautiful Cas Abao Beach. The sand is fine and white, the water turquoise blue and transparent (really transparent!). We were relaxing and snorkeling and saw many colorful fish.

Cas Abao Beach
Der wunderschöne Strand von Cas Abao

Mambo Beach Boulevard

By foot we wanted to explore our region “Salinja”. We were on the road for about two hours. Unfortunately, we noticed that many of the beaches here are completely private - so totally isolated from the outside world. You can rarely find bigger beaches, as they only exist in the form of small bays. What a pity!

Expedition around Salinja

At the end, we landed in at Mambo Beach Boulevard. A huge and open boulevard directly at the beach.

Jessica & Andres at the Mambo Beach Boulevard

Jan Kok Baai

Together with Jacob & Simone, Wietse and Kimberley, we drove to the second kitespot of Curaçao. The spot is not easy to find and the ride was a little adventurous, because there is actually no road. The path led between cactuses and past bushes over many, deep holes. Our small Hyundai has mastered it like a big 4x4.

Our reward was an empty kitespot with lots of wind and a great view.

Kitespot Jan Kok Baai
Simone & Jacob getting ready to go to the water
Kimberley and Jacob in the background, Wietse jumping

With the extreme gusts, Andres has made a very high jump and finally cracked the 10m (10.9m with 6.2s hangtime).

High jump with a kite

In the evening we were having a bbq under the stars. The full moon did not want to show up. It was very nice and “lekker”.

Oldschool Windsurfing

Close to the kitespot Sint Joris Baai, there is an original hippie windsurfing spot. Everything was built up by hand, with wood and various materials and lots of love.

Oldschool Windsurfing Spot - Bridge
Oldschool Windsurfing Spot
Oldschool Windsurfing Spot
Oldschool Windsurfing Spot

Some years before, for sure this place had to be visited much more frequently. Today windsurfing has been almost replaced by kitesurfing.


A one-day excursion took us to the capital of Curaçao. The city is strongly influenced by the Dutch culture and architecture. Everywhere there are creative and colorful houses. Jessica likes that especially well.

Willemstad - colorful houses

We visited a floating market with lots of fresh fruits on our way to the city center.

Jessica at the floating market in Willemstad

The old fort was converted into a creative shopping center with restaurants, cafes, various shops, hotels and offices.

Restaurants & cafes in the fort
Offices in the fort

We crossed the Sint Annabaai over a mobile bridge. During the crossing, the bridge opened to let a fishing boat pass and go into the open sea.

By this ferry we made our way back.

River crossing with the ferry

At the end of the day, we ate in a very good restaurant “Kome”. We had a risotto with bacon and mushrooms, a grouper with mashed potatos and vegetables and Profiteroles as a desert. We also enjoyed a nice Merlot and for digestif a Diplomático rum and a Limoncello.

Restaurant Kome in Willemstad

Bar 27

Together with Jacob & Simone we visited a nice bar with live music. It is located directly in Willemstad. The popular bar is called 27, because many well-known musicians have died with 27. Including Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, etc.

It was a great evening.

The Empanada day

Jessica was able to prepare and sell fresh empanadas for the kiteschool of Nix. Together we produced almost 30 empanadas in the morning. The people enjoyed them and we were happy as well.

Jessica producing Empanadas

The Empanadas were very delicious! ;)
See you in the next chapter...