Chapter XVII
The life in Curaçao

Chapter XVII

We really enjoy it in Curaçao. After Aruba we were a bit skeptical, but we were positively suprised by Curaçao...


Klein Curaçao

By boat, together with a group of friends and equipped with a hammock, coolbox and our kites, we went to Klein Curaçao (Small Curaçao) for a whole weekend.

Boat to Klein Curaçao

After almost two hours driving on rough sea, we arrived in the small paradise.

Arrival on Klein Curaçao

After the jump into the water, the sea sick were feeling much better. Andres was among them, but luckily for him, it was not as bad as for the others.

The small island located 24km in the south-east of Curaçao, is breathtakingly beautiful. The water has many different shades of blue and the sand is white and fine. Jessica’s feet were happy ;)

There is no infrastructure on the island. Just a lighthouse and a shipwreck. There are a few bungalow-like constructions on the beach, but they only provide shade from the sun and cover from the wind. In one of these bungalows we built our camp together.

Our Hammocks
Our sleeping place on Klein Curaçao

Right after arrival we started our kites and enjoyed the constant and strong off-shore wind to the fullest. Among many tourists, also the water turtles watched us.

Andres doing a kite transition-jump on Klein Curaçao
Frontroll tailgrab kiteloop transition of Andres on Klein Curaçao

At 4 o’clock all the tourists had to leave the island and we had it for ourselves. In the evening we grilled different types of meat and our freshly caught fish.

Our fresh catch of the day

After a nice and long night with great people, rum and music the first sunrays woke us up in our hammocks. We were happy, that our rusty Bungalow did not collapse because of our weight during the night.

In the morning the two of us walked around the island. The impressions were amazing.

Hiking on Klein Curaçao
Lighthouse of Klein Curaçao
Shipwreck on Klein Curaçao

At 5 o’clock in the afternoon we had to go back to Curaçao. On our way we saw a group of dolphins twice.

Dolphins on our way back from Klein Curaçao

It was an awesome trip!

A part of the group of our trip to Klein Curaçao

Curaçao Sea Aquarium

Another excursion took us to the Curaçao Sea Aquarium. We could explore the underwater life of Curaçao. For us the highlights were the dolphins, sea lions, manta rays and the lemon shark.

Dolphins in the Curaçao Sea Aquarium
Sea lion in the Curaçao Sea Aquarium
Manta rays in the Curaçao Sea Aquarium
Lemonshark in the Curaçao Sea Aquarium

Jessica was especially happy because she could hold a few of the animals in her hands and she always wants to touch everything :)

Jessica with a sea snail
Sea urchins in the Curaçao Sea Aquarium

The work

Jessica has found another volunteer job in the animal shelter of Curaçao. It is hard work, but she enjoys it very much to take care of the animals and prepare them for a new family :)

Jessica in the animal shelter of Curaçao

For the first time, Andres tried to work as a kite teacher. He supported Nix and took a few students from him. It was a great experience.

Andres as kiteinstructor

The grill & chill parties

Our dear friends of Curaçao have always took great care of us. Every week we meeting up or were invited to a party. Whether it was a grill party, a fullmoon kitesession or a farewell party - we were always there! Even the cockroach-Allioli tasted great :)) Thanks to all of you ♥

Wet & Wild with Wietse
Fullmoon kitesession
Farewell party Simone


Together with Roland and Jacob, we went the north-west of the island by pickup, to the Christoffel National Park. Although we were quite early, the climb to the Christoffel mountain was very hot and crowded. In 45 minutes we were on the top. The view of the whole Curaçao was very impressive despite the cloudy weather.

The path to the top of the Christoffel mountain
Group picture on top of the Christoffel mountain
The view from the Christoffel mountain
The descent from the Christoffel mountain

Hato Cave

Right next to the airport, there is the Hato Cave. We could see 122m² of the total size of 4’900m². The cave was used by runaway slaves as a hiding place 1’500 years ago.

Hato Cave
Hato Cave
Stairs to the Hato Cave
Iguana at the Hato Cave
Andres at the entrance of the Hato Cave

Other things

Unlike in Aruba, we have found and tried some local restaurants (not just McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts).

Old Market in Curaçao
The beautiful view from Pop's Place in Curaçao
Pinchos restaurant with some of the kiters

... and before the birthday of Switzerland we could not resist the Fondue in the supermarket and had to try it twice.

Fondue in Curaçao

Andres has not only given his first kite-lesson, but was also trying to ride a foil-board as a beginner.

Andres' first kite-lesson on a foil-board
Andres' first kite-lesson on a foil-board
Andres' first kite-lesson on a foil-board

In a few days, we continue our journey to Cumbuco in Brazil. In the next chapter, we will tell you all about our forthcoming 24h trip :)