Chapter XVIII
Cumbuco in Brazil

Chapter XVIII

Oops, our last chapter has been a while...

We really enjoyed it in Cumbuco, in the north of Brazil and had no time at all to write our next blog post.

Jessica on the dune over Cumbuco

But first, let’s recap our last days in Curaçao.

Farewell party

On the beach next to the restaurant Pop’s Place, there is a nice little beach with tables and benches. There and together with a group of nice people, we celebrated our farewell with a BBQ.

Our dear friends entertained us well with great conversations, music and delicious food. Unexpected were a small but spectacular firework and gifts.

Finally, Jacob, Jurrien and Romain brought us to their secret viewpoint, from which we had a breathtaking panoramic view of Curaçao.

View over Curaçao

Many thanks also to Yoep, Jonas & Jana, Nick and Richard, it was a very nice evening with you guys.

Unfortunately we don’t have a picture of the group (as almost always) :(

Visit on the farm of Jonathan

The work colleague of Jessica invited us to his self-built farm, shortly before we left.

Jessica and Jonathan on his farm

He breeds various animals. Rabbits, geese, chicken, ducks, goats and many more soon. Some he will eat, others he will sell.

The chicken of Jonathan

Trip to Cumbuco

As usual, we were struggling with the well-known problems and stupid processes with our sports baggage.

At 5 o’clock in the morning, after 24 hours of travelling, we arrived destroyed in Fortaleza, Brazil and took a taxi to Cumbuco.

Because we were super tired, we had breakfast in the wrong hotel. After, the manager sent us to our right residence, just across the street.

At the Cumbuco Residence we were warmly welcomed by Ivan & Hung. They took great care of us during our whole stay and we became good friends.

Our apartment

The residence was newly built and was not even finished yet. Our apartment was bright and spacious, with two rooms and two bathrooms and an open kitchen in the living room. Outside we had a garden and a hammock. A pool and a shared barbecue area for the churrascos.

Cumbuco Residence
Our kitchen at Cumbuco Residence
Andres in the hammock of Cumbuco Residence

Life in Cumbuco

Cumbuco is a small fishing village, north of Fortaleza. There is wind every single day from July to January and there are some lagoons close by with shallow water. It’s world famous for wind- and kitesurfing.

Cumbuco beach

Churrasco & friends

Churrasco is the BBQ of Brazil and it is practiced almost every day. We also enjoyed a churrasco at least once a week, either together with friends or our neighbours.

The meat in Brazil is very good and the fresh fish tasted great as well. We enjoyed to eat it with grilled cheese, salad, rice, lasagna or just the meat without side dishes. Always we had beers, wine and of course cachaça.

A typical brazilian grill:


After our arrival, Hung & Ivan with Giacomo invited us to a first churrasco with our neighbours. We got to know Iara & Luiz, Ana & Flavio with Ian and Josy & Marcio with Isaac. The very sympathic locals made us familiar with the Brazilian culture. With them we learned how to make a real churrasco and what is a good cachaça. From the beginning to the end of our stay, we had lots of very nice experiences together with them.

A special happening was also the invitation of Luiz and Flavio to a company event. We’ve spent a great evening together with them and their work colleagues with great food, interesting discussions, music with guitar and karaoke.

Brazilian karaoke with guitar

But we did not always eat meat and fish. We were invited by Tamara & Mäsi, a Swiss couple that also likes travelling, for a great dinner with homemade pizzas. It was the best pizza in a long time!

Pizza with Tamara & Mäsi

With Valeria & Pablo and Ona, a lovely Argentine family, we spent a lot of time having dinner and kitesurf sessions together. They also spent 2.5 months in Cumbuco and follow the wind like us. We became very good friends.

Together with their visiting friends and family, we drank mate almost every day and philosophized about life, food, wind and travelling. A trip together took us to Fortaleza, more about that later.

Argentine friends of Valeria & Pablo
Argentine kitesurfing students of Valeria & Pablo

As an alternative to the cachaça, we had an evening of tequilas with Jelle & Kwang and Sebastian, like in the old days. Jelle is from Holland and Kwang from Thailand. The couple also travels with the wind and spent 3 months in Cumbuco. We should already know both of them from Tarifa and Hua Hin in Thailand since they were there at the same time like us. What a small world. Sebastian, a Swiss guy, was visiting Jelle & Kwang for 2 weeks.

Together, we spent a great time with delicious thai food, cocktails, churrascos and small kitesurf trips to the north of Brazil. More about that later.

Jelle & Kwang

Our hobbies

We always had something to do in Brazil.

Valeria and Jessica spent two days a week with Stephanie, taking yoga and tela classes.

Jessica practicing tela
The world circumnavigation of Jessica on the tela

Later, Andres, Iara & Luiz and Ana or Flavio joined the yoga classes too.

Yoga lessons

Every morning at 6 o’clock Jessica went for a walk at the beach of one hour with our neighbors.

Jessica walking with our neighbours

Andres was on the water every single day. Even if he wanted to take a break because of physical exhaustion, he could not stop. Either the conditions were so good or someone from our friends convinced him to join for another ride.

Andres kitesurfing with Pablo

Also the downwinders from Tabuba to Cumbuco or Cumbuco to Cauipe and back with the buggy were great experiences.

Here we were at Cauipe with Marc and Josef:

With Marc and Josef at Cauipe
Andres in a hammock in the lagoon of Cauipe
Kiteloop of Andres in the lagoon of Cauipe


Andres had an unusually stable internet. He also started with camps and courses for intermediate kitesurfers, check it out:

Like, share, invite friends, write reviews or give a feedback is very welcome ;)

Jessica had different jobs in Brazil and a lot to do. She started as a photographer on the beach for some kitesurfers. After that she worked for a few days in the Kite Cabana Lounge, a restaurant on the beach.

However, the best jobs were as babysitter of Francesco, the child of Kasia & Wojciech and Ona, the child of Valeria & Pablo.


In the next chapter we tell you more about our trips in the north of Brazil. Thank you for your patience and see you soon :)